Some fundamental basics…


More and more frequently I hear from people, “I want to write a book.” or “I’ve always thought about being a writer.” To which I say – “Fuck yeah! Let’s do it!” Because, after all, I think being a writer is awesomesauce and I want everyone to have a slice of awesomeness.

Thing is though, a lot of people…or writers…apparently expect to hit publish and then sell a hundred thousand books. In part, because there are people at fancy entrepreneur conventions who will tell you it’s just that easy and others on Facebook spamming you with write a book in twenty-four hours workshops who will lead you to believe it’s true. It’s not.

Writing is not easy. And, it’s not for everyone. But, for those of you who feel called to put pen to paper, to string words together and tell your story, here are the fundamental basics of what it takes to make that happen.

You want to be a writer? Fucking write.

Don’t spend your time doing frivolous shit and then claim you just can’t get in the mood. Let me tell you something, writer’s block is a motherfucking myth. Doesn’t exist. Total bullshit. No such thing. URBAN FUCKING LEGEND created by writers who knew there were others out there who would buy the hype and therefore it would cut down on the competition.

Don’t think you can write consistently? You can…if you write consistently. Nobody says you have to churn out five-thousand words a night. You don’t even have to come up with five-hundred. You can write five and they can be the dumbest fucking words you ever wrote. Doesn’t matter. Write them anyway. Then do it again the next day, and the day after that until what you’re writing isn’t total shit and it amounts to more than one sentence. There’s no such thing as writer’s block. Period.

Don’t think you have time to write? You do! Get less attached to sleep and more familiar with coffee. There’s a reason all writers drink it. It’s what keeps us all functioning.

Basically, what I’m saying is, following your dreams, whatever they may be, is going to take some work. Some serious effort. Practice. Failure. Multiple mistakes. Compromising. Eating some hefty portions of humble pie. Puking them back up again. Then going back for seconds. More practice. More effort. More failure. And then, maybe….SUCCESS.

So, you still want to be a writer? Then, fuck yeah – let’s do it!! Because being a writer is awesomesauce and everyone should have a slice of AWESOMENESS!!





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